State of the art security camera installation for businesses of all sizes. We are a well-established and highly accredited CCTV installation company in across India.


Advice, guidance and specification of what CCTV system and equipment is needed for your business

Installation service of CCTV cameras in Cambridge and surrounding areas

Maintenance of CCTV systems

Upgrades to your existing CCTV systems

Our professional business CCTV systems use state-of-the-art technology to monitor your property, people and operation 24-hours a day.

Our Excellent team and High quailty cctv service is ready for your cctv needs

In the first instance, we’ll undertake a no obligation site survey to discover what areas of your premises are most vulnerable. We will then take you through all of the options available and provide guidance on which type of CCTV system will keep your premises secure. The team of surveyors and CCTV installers at Comprint Technologies have expertise and experience in all aspects of CCTV systems including wireless CCTV systems, wired CCTV systems, IP CCTV systems, 4K CCTV systems, for complete peace of mind and to help you meet your business security systems, safety and management requirements. If you would like to find out more about our CCTV solutions, complete the form below or call +91 33 40050857 / 58 to speak to a member of our team today.


To fully protect your staff and premises, you require a CCTV camera system which is GDPR compliant and tailor-made to your needs and requirements. It’s important that no concessions are made during this initial process, otherwise the effectiveness of the final installation could be compromised or flawed.

Types of CCTV available

IP Network CCTV solutions

These solutions operate on normal and existing network cables, rather than needing specialist cables wired in from scratch. Clarus Systems is also able to specify and install cabling where none exists, including specialist Fibre cabling to cater for large facilities needing extended high-speed connectivity.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras provide much longer range and accuracy than standard infra-red night-time cameras, and are especially suited to facilities that need higher grade security.

These cameras offer unique benefits for outdoor use in particular, where challenging conditions are present, giving superior results in:

  1. Low light scenarios
  2. Areas where there might be smoke, fog and dust
  3. Areas where there is camouflaging foliage
  4. Giving fewer false alarms
Cabled CCTV Solutions

Clarus Systems installs specialist cabling if needed, and we are qualified to install Fibre cables for larger facilities, for example, military bases, hospitals, universities, power plants etc.

We also have a range of other CCTV options available.


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