IT Products & Services

Comprint Technologies sell and maintain new, used, and factory recertified computer hardware and software. With a deep bench of engineers and consultants, Comprint Technologies is growing with time with expanded reach and experience.

If you have an IT department, partner with us for your IT management services, to grow your existing IT infrastructure.

If you don’t have an IT department, we will be your one-stop shop for IT management and solutions
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Our Offerings:

  1. Maintenance
  2. New Equipment

1. Maintenance:
Stop ordering new gear when you don’t need to. Comprint Technologies’ maintenance program is designed to alert you to when new updates are needed, and when you can save your budget on skipping the refresh.
Your technology has a heartbeat. We keep it that way.

Comprint Technologies’ comprehensive IT services include:

Hardware can wear out – but it can last longer than you think. Through Comprint Technologies Maintenance Plan, we save client’s substantial annual hardware refresh budget.

Network connectivity is crucial to maintaining your IT environment. Comprint Technologie’s maintenance program takes into account the network load and recommends the right components for your network.

Server Hardware
Whether your environment runs on Linux, Windows, or anything else, Comprint Technologies can help you keep your server and data center running with proper maintenance.

Schedule & Forecasting
Your best weapon against Technology Decay is information. Comprint Technologies Maintenance Plan can put you on the right schedule with applicable reminders, checklists, and preemptive purchases to ensure you have complete uptime.

Benefits of Comprint Technologies Maintenance Plan that pays for itself:
Prevent Overspending, Expert advice, Scalability, Reduce downtime and Easy to setup.
Prevent cost buildups and chaos. Call us Today!

2. New Equipment:

Laptops & Desktops
The very best in endpoint technology. Laptops, Desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Comprint Technologies has the best straight-from-the-manufacturer deals.

Server blades, full stacks, a complete data center. No matter what your enterprise, big or small, Comprint Technologies can bring you top-line server technology without paying a premium.

For the individual worker or the entire office print management system, Comprint Technologies has the printing hardware solutions that will keep your materials and presentations looking beautiful…for a fraction of the price.

Computer Peripherals & Accessories
For best output from your laptops or desktops, Comprint Technologies offer wide range of compatible peripherals and accessories that fits with all leading OEM products.

Device Managers
You need the software to control these machines, and Comprint Technologies has all the necessary management tools to be able to tag, track, and monitor devices. Regain control over your equipment expenses.